We offer great benefits, but more importantly, we have a great team – one that acknowledges talent, rewards it, and allows it to flourish. If you want to grow your career, the ground here is fertile.

Our standard benefit package includes:

Health Insurance

Rampant pays 100% of all premiums including Health insurance, Dental & Vision insurance, Long Term Disability, and Short Term Disability

Paid Time Off

Each full-time employee receives 31 days of time off (20 days PTO, 11 flex-holidays).  Unused time off may be cashed out at the end of each year.

Health Savings Account

Rampant contributes the maximum amount allowed by the IRS (for families/individuals per year) into your health savings account for any out-of-pocket medical expenses.


Rampant contributes the equivalent of 10% of your salary to your 401k automatically.  It is 100% vested immediately and no contribution is required on the part of the employee.

Flex Time

At Rampant, you have maximum flexibility to a schedule that works for you .  Additionally, you can bank any extra time worked as flex time and cash unused flex time in at the end of each year.

Continuing Education

Each full-time employee receives $6000 per year to use for continuing education and professional development expenses.   You manage the money yourself, with no red-tape.

Company Stock

We realize that without great employees we will not be successful.  One way we share that success is through a stock program that all employees participate in at no cost.

Bonuses and Recognition

Rampant conducts semi-annual performance reviews with the opportunity for bonuses each time.  We also routinely award out-of-cycle spot bonuses for exceptional performance that goes above and beyond the job needs.