Government Services

With Rampant on your team, not only do you have access to our top engineering talent, but you also get access to our custom developed applications, tools, and processes to make your program/system more secure and efficient.  Our team of highly skilled cleared engineers provide mission-focused engineering services and support to a wide range of federal government customers across the world. We have the flexibility to embed with your team at contractor sites, work on-site at government locations, or support your systems remotely from our facilities.  Our diverse experience with federal government customers enables us to facilitate cross-pollination of ideas, technologies, and unique technical solutions across organizational boundaries, resulting in savings for both the government and its defense contractors.

  • Security Engineering

    Rampant will ensure all of your security requirements are satisfied, from security documentation to high-technical security control implementations.

  • Software Engineering

    Our software engineers bring a modern skill set and many years of experience developing software and tools for federal government customers.

  • System Administration

    We support your mission by providing both remote & on-site system management and maintenance services, keeping your system highly available and operating smoothly.

  • Red & Blue Teaming

    Rampant offers both Red and Blue team services to ensure your system, project or organization can successfully defend against real world internal & external cyber attacks.